Taxi top LED display – targeted and geolocated outdoor advertising 24 hours a day, 2000 miles per week by one cab!

Taxi top led display nowadays is most innovative and useful advertising instrument. It can broadcast any video content uploaded via 3G or 4G wireless connection, so it’s very simple to control and update commercial information at a real time from anywhere.  Another advertising benefit is that you can manage and schedule commercial content by time or to target exactly an after work hours, lunch period, or midnight time. Also it is easy to broadcast targeting information sorting by geolocation to promote directly around concert hall or shopping mall location.

Certainly it a new generation of advertising technology quickly updating and absolutely mobile as our century is, and for sure it will last for many years. Cab top device has a wi-fi router inside device to share an internet to cab clients.  LED taxi top broadcasts any video animation and graphic commercial effects to grab attention of a mass customer. Taxi Led screen is capable with mpeg, avi, gif and jpeg and other popular formats. Our experiences shows that it’s already became a very effective mainstream technology for an outdoor advertising company.

We suggest to send us e-mail and learn more about taxi top display if you want to rule a new segment of advertising technology. We are open to collaborate and sail a quality product to a media company or taxi services.

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