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HMG Mobile LED displays are different type’s outdoor screens for mobile part of advertising campaign. They are easy installing and suitable for any outdoor event, for example to broadcast your advertising company content while a trade exhibition. Mobile LED screens are gaining increasing popularity as an information and advertising media due to the high flexibility of use, adaptability to the conditions of the broadcast and the selectivity. Main applications of mobile screens – mobile advertising media, mobile information centers, visual support of cultural and political events, temporary dispatching boards, scoreboards in areas of irregular or single competitions and others.

Mobile LED display suitable for use in motion. Advertising information is displayed on the screen during operation of the vehicle on which it is installed. This screen is suitable for long-term transportation and it has a solid case. It also features high brightness and adaptability. The brightness level can be easily adjusted. Even in bright sunlight, all the information is displayed clearly. It can also be adapted to a humid environment. Mobile LED screen is simple to manage and easy to use. The system is easy to change and display the data for broadcasting in real time. The screen can transmit a signal from a computer or mobile phone. LED display mounted on the vehicle, characterized by mobility, reliability and ease of use. The display control system and power supply are independent of the individual blocks. To make an order please send us email, or contact us by phone.

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