Staircase LED display – climb up LED technology

You are looking at one of the most interesting advertising and entertaining innovation of our days – the staircase LED display. It creates unique visual effect bringing an atmosphere of the 3rd millennium at shopping malls, concert halls, nightclubs and hotels. Hannouf Media Group will transform your stairs into a LED video support, if you wish to bring Hollywood way of living into your business organization or entertaining real estate. Our clients are TV shows, fashionable boutiques and casinos. Our LED’s are the brightest one and our Japanese controllers are the most advanced and super functional, you will have a very exiting entreating instrument, if you’re a light DJ you’ll gladly understand what we mean.

We are giving our clients minimum 3 years guaranty, because we are in love with our LED’s, they are real Japanese and will serve you more than 20 years! If you have already decided to provide an unforgettable multimedia design for ages just call or email our sales department to order staircase LED display from Hannouf Media Group. Also we suggest you to find out about our LED Dance Floor and Soft LED Display products and technologies.

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