Entertain your  party guests like never before with the sexiest, revolutionary new nightclub feature – the LED Dance Floor!

Nightclub Managers and a host of our other clients are celebrating a new generation of discotheque culture and character in their clubs. Finally, light-emitting diodes, the scientific name for LEDs, have hit the dance floor! Party time just morphed into the future where light and colours shape our moods and actions. You gotta see it and feel it to know that this is the perfect blend of “cool” and “magical”. When LEDs are flashing and vibrating from your dance floor, in sync with the music, your customers are going to freak out and keep coming back for more!

Watch as they feel the rhythm of their favourite song, and suddenly, the funky LED floor pulsates with psychedelic bursts of colour and their sensory perception of reality transcends to a whole new level!  Dance-moves become killer and people are mesmerized by this exciting, gorgeous display.

Our highly satisfied clients include avant-garde nightclubs, casinos, discotheques and private individuals.  They appreciate that our products come with a 3-year warranty. Are you a Night-club Manager or involved in the HORECA industry?  Are you searching for an excellent attraction and modern dance floor? Then send us an email for our current prices.

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